To give away (for free)

I have no more use for the following items but I have difficulties to just trash them. Let me know if you can use something.

LOOK compatible Shimano pedals from 1991 ('LOOK PATENT, Product of France').
[30pin SIMMs][72 pin SIMMs][168pin SDRAMs] Various RAM from 30pin SIMMs (1 and 4 MB) to 64 MB for PowerBooks (G3, iBook). You'll just get the whole collection of one kind.
[Geoport Modem] Apple GeoPort Telecom Adapter, Model Number M1694, Complies with the Canadian ICES-003 Class B specifications
Roline RS422 Serial Switchbox Roline Serial Switchbox for RS422 including a (crossed) RS422 cable. One Input, 4 Outputs.
[AAUI Converter] Various AAUI to BNC/RJ-45 media converters.
EIZO VGA Adapter EIZO T562 VGA-VGA Adapter
LocalTalk Adapter LocalTalk Adapter, probably form Apple
PhoneNet LocalTalk Adapter One ton of those PhoneNet Adapters.
Ethernet-Card PCI Ethernet Card with RJ-45 and BNC connectors. Works probably without a driver under MacOS9.